Sand blasting and Bead blasting

At PPC, we have the small parts blasting capability with a variety of different abrasives available to meet the substrate surface desired. We also have a 600# sandblasting pot to handle the heaviest of industrial blasting needs. From baked-on coatings to multiple coatings to heavy rust, we can blast it!

Powder Coating

Powder coating produces a high specification coating that is hard, abrasion resistant and tough.  The choice of colors and finishes is almost endless!  Click here to find out more about the process. We can process production items, large items, or small batches. Motorcycle Frames, Metal Lawn Furniture, Bicycles, Fences & Gates

Rims, Chassis, High Temperature Heads, Manifolds & Grills, Fitness Equipment, and Playground Equipment. We do it all. Our pretreatment process is a 3 stage process including degreasing, rinse, iron pretreatment, and final rinse. Items are preheated to dry. Powder is applied and baked to recommended temp and time. Please call for pricing or questions.

Hydro Graphics

Hydro graphics is also known as water transfer printing, immersion printing, cubic printing, water transfer imaging or hydro-dipping. Hydro graphics is a way of applying printed designs to 3- dimensional objects.  This process can be used on metal, glass, wood and plastic. For more information about the process Click Here. We have many films in stock. For a list of available films Click Here. Please call for pricing or questions.


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