What you need to know before bringing your parts.

Anything Plastic and Metal Bearings


Any items with plastic bushings, spacers, or anything plastic inside of the part will have to be removed. We do not remove said items unless specified.


Bearings will have to be removed before sand blasting or powder coating. Paint flaws may happen when bearings are left in. We can not remove pressed in bearings. We will not be responsibe for bearing failure due to sand or powder coat. Bearing Races will be masked.



Items that have rust will have to be sand blasted before the powder coating process.

We can coat any item with rust but items may cause surface flaws .Warranties will be voided if chosen

Galvinized Substrates


Hot or cold dipped galvinized substrates are not always smooth enough to get a smooth finish and will leave raised or rough spots in the finish. Items can be sand blasted to smooth the part before the powder coating process.

Body Fillers


Any bondo or any other filler will have to be removed and redone with a metal filler. They cannot withstand the curing process and will cause paint defects.



Any surfaces that require masking for either powder coating or sandblasting will have to be specified. We will not be held responsible for rough surfaces due to sand blasting or removal of coating on said surfaces

Sand Blasting


Items abrasive blasted will flash rust and or rust due to humidity or if touched. A Coating is advised as soon as possible.

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